Solicitation of Prostitution

Accused of Solicitation of a Prostitute?

You know you want to defend yourself, but how far do you want to go?

Do you want a lawyer to fight a battle for a perfect resolution that may take a lot of time to accomplish? Or do you want a lawyer who will work quickly to get a positive, although perhaps not perfect, resolution so you can have this embarrassing charge out of the way as soon as possible?

Whatever resolution you wish to pursue, at The Law Office of Steven L. Schwartz, we have more than 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of people in Oakland County and the surrounding parts of Michigan. You can count on us to help you obtain a resolution that makes sense for you.

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Typically, charges involving solicitation happen in a similar manner. A person stops their car. An undercover cop steps inside. Sometimes, the undercover cops are waiting at hotel rooms. They are ready to charge people with solicitation of a prostitute. This is a serious sex crime.

The charge of solicitation of a prostitute is also very embarrassing for most people. Many people simply want to get rid of the charges as soon as possible. We can work quickly, striving to have the charge reduced to a disorderly persons charge. To most people, a disorderly persons change looks better on a record than solicitation of a prostitute.

Of course, if you want to fight the charges, we can do that too. We know that these situations are sometimes the result of a misunderstanding. Or maybe you were entrapped. After an investigation, we are sometimes able to determine that the undercover officers mishandled the situation. This information can often lead to an excellent resolution to a solicitation charge.

Fight Solicitation Charges

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Being arrested for soliciting a prostitute may be the most embarrassing time of your life. The impact may be infinite. You have the potential of a criminal record, the possibility of serving time in jail and most importantly the chance of severe consequences to your marriage. If your are busted for solicitation of a prostitute in Detroit, Oakland or Macomb Counties, it is routine for me to help. I can likely make your criminal record stay clean. There are a number of favorable resolutions if you are arrested for soliciting a prostitute. If the prostitute does not appear in court there is a chance for outright dismissal of all charges. There are also many excellent plea arrangements available. Call me today.