Juvenile Crimes

Parents: Protect Your Child’s Rights</strong >Are you aware that, in Oakland County and the surrounding parts of Michigan, a juvenile accused of a criminal offense can be detained until the age of 19, and in some cases, 21? A child could face this punishment even for seemingly minor crimes.

Don’t let this happen.

Hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Get someone who knows the differences between the adult system and the juvenile system. Get someone who is accomplished in defending against juvenile offenses.

A criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Steven L. Schwartz can help you protect your child’s rights. We will work hard to provide the best possible resolution.

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The fact of the matter is that a juvenile record can haunt a person into adulthood. It is best avoided.

The juvenile court system has significant differences from criminal courts for adults. Our law firm is well aware of how to navigate through the juvenile system. We know the law and procedures. We know how to defend against any juvenile offense, including:

No matter what the charge, our commitment is to work hard to see that it does not result in a criminal record, and that it does not impact your child’s future. With more than 25 years of experience on our side, you can trust us to get results.

Fight Juvenile Charges
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