Available Day & Night
Steve is serious about his work with clients. Our family was able to connect with Steve 24/7 as needed. He always found a way to help and resolve issues with our daughter˚s case no matter what time it was or how complicated and scary it all seemed to us. I am impressed with his caring yet professional manner. I was grateful for his willingness to offer a payment plan that worked for our family. He treated my daughter and I with respect at all times. Steve listens! He is the real deal ! I am so glad he was in our daughter˚s corner. I really don’t know what we would have without his help throughout some very sticky turns in a first time offense. Respectfully, Marie

Excellent Attorney that is Personable and Caring

Steven Schwartz is THE BEST lawyer I have ever hired.I am not new to the experience of having a criminal charge, although I am a fairly new resident of Michigan, I took a chance hiring Steve and it was a good decision as I knew no lawyers in Michigan and have not needed ones services,I was charged with a un true Domestic Violence charge and due to a prior charge (non domestic) they set my bail extremely high, after bonding out and in fear of being hung out to dry I hired Steve, he was always there day or night weekdays or weekends and gave me his cell number. He is the most sincere and caring attorney i have ever hired which did wonders for my nerves during the whole process.I am happy to say after setting a trial and going prepared,Steve was able to get a complete dismissal and all along he kept his word,when he says hes fighting it that’s what he means,not ever once trying to push a deal that the prosecution offers that puts you in for the hassle of probation or worse. If you want the best chance of a favorable outcome then hire Steven. The best!

Approachable & Knowledgeable
Steve knew exactly how to handle my first offense OWI case in Royal Oak, helping me get the best outcome possible and no jail time. He’s very approachable, a pleasure to speak with, and puts things very clearly. He encouraged me to call anytime, and answered when I did. He pointed me to all the right people for evaluations/therapy and is very connected throughout metro-Detroit. While I’ve not hired many lawyers before, it’s hard to imagine finding a better one!

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Fast, Friendly and Professional

Got pulled over in Pontiac and was informed by the Officer that there was a bench warrant out for my arrest due for failure to appear summons. While the Officer did not arrest me, he did charge me and I had to appear in front of a judge. Facing up to a $500 fine and 90 days in jail, I was a wreck and didn’t know what to do. I have a friend that is a Personal Injury lawyer, but he was unable to help me out. I called my father who has hired Steven L. Schwartz on several occasions and told me that Steven was the one to call. And man he was right! Not only did Steven go out of his way ( one day notice ), but was friendly and professional ( not to mention he has a sense of humor, which helped me mentally as I have a family and did not want to spend even one day in jail ). Steven showed up, talked with the prosecutor and within minutes got my case dismissed! On top of that, he is human and understood my financial situation and was kind enough to work out a payment that I could afford. I can’t thank Steven enough. As a person who has never been in trouble with the law before, he made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease. As the old saying goes ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know” and can say, I’m glad that I know Steven L. Schwartz !!! I don’t plan on ever needing a criminal lawyer again, but if I do – you can bet that Steve will be my first phone call. I will definitely recommend him to anybody that is in need of his services. Save your time and just call Steven L. Schwartz FIRST!! Thanks again Steve!

An excellent attorney and a gentleman!

I was charged with DV, my case is dismissed due his through knowledge and strategically decision making. He kept me informed during all phases of my trial. His skills to maintain a continuous connection with clients are superb. I also found that he is very well connected and respected among his colleagues. He is the best of the best in his field!

Case Dismissed 🙂

Steve thank you so much!!!! I had a OWI case, his hard work got it dismissed!! I am so grateful 🙂 You do amazing work. THANK YOU!!!

12 months probation non-reporting for second offense!

Steven was great to work with and actually reminded me of my court dates. He kept me out of jail and got me 12 months non reporting probation! Highly recommended!


This guy is amazing, I hired him for one case had other cases pending he took those cases probono. I talk to a few attorneys it didn’t work out. I found Steven immediately after first conversation with him i felt reassured. happy with my decision.he’s a true professional

Felony Probation is over thanks to Steve!

I was on probation for four years and ten months. Judgment day was fast approaching. My options were going to be: start over with probation, go to jail or close the case. I contacted Steve – he said he could help. And help he did. He put together a plan and got me off probation, and out of the system. Case closed. I can’t thank Steve enough!

Exceptional Lawyer

Mr. Schwartz represented me on two separate occasions. In one case he was able to get a felony down to a misdemeanor and a OWI to a careless driving ticket. Mr Schwartz conducted himself in a very professional manner. He comes highly recommended by me.

Steven Schwartz review

Mr. Schwartz did a fantastic job. I had numerous cases that I needed representation on. Steven got me back over $500 from courts to pay towards getting my license back. He always kept in touch and is a GREAT attorney. If you’re looking for representation…look no further. Steven Schwartz WILL get the job done

Steven got my drug conviction down to disorderly conduct

I spent time in prison for prior drug convictions i felt hopeless after receiving another. When i found out my license would get suspended for a possession charge my world would’ve fallen apart, until Steven fought for me every step of the way. He got my possession charge knock down to disorderly conduct so that I would not loss my license.No jail time!! Best lawyer I ever had!!!! 🙂


If you need the best legal representation you can get, you need Steve Schwartz. My entire future, including my family’s future, was about to be destroyed until I was able to get Steve Schwartz on my side. Steve had worked tirelessly to find the best solution to handling my felony case. He is thoughtful, concerned, energetic, and never makes you feel intimidated or uncomfortable in any way. Additionally, he did an excellent job at keeping me informed about how my case was progressing and always responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had. I can not emphasis enough the positive difference Steve Schwartz made in my life. I am not anticipating ever needing the services of a defense attorney for myself again, however, I would not hesitate a second in recommending him to a close friend or family member if the need would ever arise .

BEST lawyer EVER

Steven is the most caring and personal lawyer/ man that i know. I am a client and he keeps me informed and is personal to the point of calling and texting just to make sure I am ok even on weekends and evenings. He is very professional and a genuine great human being. He is knowledgeable of what is in front of us and I trust this man with my life. I would recommend Steven Schwartz to anyone who is in need of a great lawyer.

BEST lawyer EVER

Steven is the most caring and personal lawyer/ man that i know. I am a client and he keeps me informed and is personal to the point of calling and texting just to make sure I am ok even on weekends and evenings. He is very professional and a genuine great human being. He is knowledgeable of what is in front of us and I trust this man with my life. I would recommend Steven Schwartz to anyone who is in need of a great lawyer.

Best DUI Attorney Ever!

I hired Mr. Schwartz thinking he would overcharge me and do a poor job I was pleasantly surprised to find that he cared about what happened to me in a owi case and worked extremely hard to get me threw the process fairly. I would recommend this attorney to everyone who has a dui or any alcohol related offense. This attorney got a positive outcome in the 48th district court a court known for zero tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving. Great attitude and a all around professional who is a sincere good individual who did not sugar coat the truth. This is the type of attorney every defendant should have representing them in every case. He surely can get you the result you are looking for and or minimize any negative outcome. Just a great attorney!!!!!!! Wow!!!!

I’m free because of Steve!

Steve has been my lawyer for over ten years. I have recommended him to many of my friends, who have also used him. I speak for everybody when I say he is the best lawyer in the tri-county area. I wish I could say more, but words cannot express the gratitude I owe Steve. He saved my life .Traffic Ticket Gone

I was having trouble dealing with a traffic ticket, and was real nervous to go into court. Steve took care of the whole thing and was there every step of the way he really made me more comfortable about the situation highly recommended.

Steve K .

Superior Lawyer and Excellent Service A++

Honest with integrity. I would recommend Steve to anyone needing his services .

Great Lawyer

i needed a lawyer to help me get driving rights back and i was refereed to Mr Schwartz. He was very helpful and caring and professional,made me feel as if i had known him for years.i know hes a busy guy but i felt as if his only concern was helping me and that means a lot.  I can now say that with his knowledge and caring professionalism i am able to drive again.i would gladly recommend him as an attorney for your legal needs .

Probation Troubles Gone Away

Wow Steven saved me. I was on probation when the court said i was not sending enough money each month. And had me in front of a judge in days. I was nerves this is not going to be good. Steve talk me down and put a plan together that night. We meet at court in the morning. The deal he got me was less then i was sending each month. A friend recommended Steve. And now I tell my friends. Hes the really deal.


Attorney Worth Your $$$

Steven is a great attorney and one that I’d highly recommend. From personal observation, I know that Steven is hard-working, highly intelligent, talented, and has a great attitude!


Always my First Call for Traffic or Criminal Defense…

I’ve worked with Steve on several cases/issues and he is one of the few attorneys out there you can trust. He keeps in touch with his clients and let’s you know he has everything handled and under control. I don’t know any other lawyers that would drive down to the police station on a Sunday late night to dispute a traffic ticket. If you need a trustworthy, well connected attorney, look no further. He will always remain on my speed dial 🙂


A Lawyer You Need

Attorney Steven L. Schwartz, did an excellent job assisting me with my drinking and driving case, and provided me with his professional advice throughout the proceedings, to make intelligent decisions during my trial. Steven made a point to show that he understood the conflict that I was going through and worked patiently with me, after my sentencing, so that I could make payments that were convenient for me. He was always readily available, and he was professional and honest during the entire experience. I am very grateful that I had Steven Schwartz as my attorney. Thank you!


My Lawyer

Great guy to work with much more responsive than other lawyers I worked with.


The Best I’ve Worked With

Over the last 4 years my son has made really bad choices…he’s not a bad person…just hangs around the wrong people…Steve has held our hands through several hearings and court dates. He is so incredibly knowledgeable of the law and knows everyone in the courts. He has very reasonable rates (by-the-way he’s worth every penny and more) I truly don’t know what we’d have done without him. He kept my son out of real trouble with the courts several times. Highly recommended!! I am ex-military and a financial planner now. He took care of everything, so I could concentrate on my business.



Mr. Schwartz spends time in understanding the issue and explains the possible outcome, does not promise the moon and presents a true picture of the likely outcome. Where he lacks knowledge, he does not hesitate to tell you so and seeks guidance from his peers/mentors. Highly dependable and he puts you at ease, you will feel as though you have met a doctor rather than a lawyer. I have had two occasions to engage his services, one for myself and the second for a friend of mine and on both the occasions he came out with flying colors.


Outstanding Attorney

Steven is an outstanding attorney that truly cares about his clients. Steven gives his personal cell phone to every client, and is always available. He manages his cases with confidence and efficiency. Steven has a strong, engaging interest, skill, and knowledge in criminal law. I give my highest recommendation to Steven as a criminal defense attorney. He will use his experience, abilities, and genuine concern to serve you well.

Mike Y

Great Advocater and Excellent Person

I had Steve represent me in a criminal case. He got my delivery of drugs case reduced to a misdemeanor. He was a bulldog in court. He gave me his car phone number and was always available. I recently read were he got a murderer like 5 years or something. Little known but a great plus in my life.


Whom ever this may concern,

I am happy to testify to the fantastic legal advice and moral support that Steven provided me. I researched various Lawyers in hopes to find someone understanding, diligent and well suited for my case. I came to Steven ‘s office with felony accounts of possession of controlled substance and a misdemeanor charge, related to retail fraud. I had never been prosecuted or arrested for anything before. I was intimidated by the legal system and had never endured legal trouble or personal trouble of this scale. Steven set up a time to meet immediately after my inquiry and addressed every issue I was concerned about. As the case developed he was always available to speak to me and constantly subdued my fears and anxieties related to the process. I would recommend his legal advice to anyone that needs help. I consider his advice and support to be the sole reason I made it through this process without feeling completely bogged down. Steven helped me get a probation -sentence which will result in these charges being wiped off my record. He has truly been a savior, a great lawyer and one might say a friend to me, in a time of dire need and desperation.

Ashley T .
Charged with a OWI with a high BAC. Mr.Schwartz advocated on my behalf and got me a reduction all the way from a high bac (.21) to a impaired driving. I was amazed at these results,I was ecstatic and very appreciative. Steven did a wonderful job and was always available via his cell phone,he was willing to answer and address all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone.

Sara L .
I cannot thank Steve enough for the outstanding job he did defending me in court recently for a probation violation. I went through the initial case a few years ago with a different attorney. I never knew what was going on and my attorney had no time to explain anything to me. The outlook was bleak. This time with Steve representing me, it was very different. He put me at ease every step of the way. The unbelievable deal I received was better than I had expected and I know I owe it all to Steve. I would definitely recommend Steve!

Jim D .

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for what you have done for me. I know you tried very hard to get the charges dropped, but to me getting them reduced was way more then enough. It was quite a distance away and you had no problem showing up. You worked very hard and i truly can’t show you my appreciation enough. I find you to be a fantastic lawyer and a good man. You were very easy to talk to and strived to answer all my questions. I highly recommend you as a lawyer and will send anyone your way knowing they will be helped exceptionally. Once again I really appreciate everything you have done for me and could not be more content with the outcome.


“GREAT ATTORNEY, would recommend Steve to anyone!! One of the only lawyers you will ever meet who truly cares about his clients, I could reach him anytime I wanted just by calling his personal cell phone. I am grateful that I had Steve as my criminal defense attorney!

Mike Y .


I wanted to thank you for your outstanding work on my recent case. As you know I was very nervous and upset during the time of my arrest until the outstanding outcome you had gotten from the Wayne County Prosecutors office. I was a nervous wreck , you are truly a counselor not just lawyer. You always called me back even at nite on your personal cell phone gave me encouragement and helped me hang on. I would recommend anyone who has a criminal case to get in touch with you.

Thanks again,